Two views: US newspaper association reveals biggest ad drop in more than 50 years

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John Sturm, CEO of the Newspaper Association of America, as reported by Editor & Publisher magazine:

Even with the near-term challenges posed to print media by a more fragmented information environment and the economic headwinds facing all advertising media, newspapers publishers are continuing to drive strong revenue growth from their increasingly robust Web platforms,” John Sturm, president and CEO of the NAA, said in a statement.

Jeff Jarvis, Buzzmachine
I think the proper perspective is that we are at a full-blown, slippery-slope, accelerating-fall, watch-out-below crisis for the newspaper industry and professional journalism with it. It’s time for drastic thinking.

Gore’s ‘We’ Campaign to Fight Climate Change via (US) National Public Radio  Annotated

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Series A Funding for $2.75 million: Publish2 social bookmarking for journalists

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I’ll need to learn more before I cast judgment, but I’ve got plenty of question. It’s like Delicious, or my current favorite tool, Diigo, which I’m using to write this – but you’ve got to be a journalist to use Publish2. I’d like to see how it’s better than Diigo – and if it is then I could imagine a multitude of industry-specific skins for Diigo. I also wonder how the Publish2 team defines a journalist – wouldn’t the service be more useful if sources and others could access and enhance the data? Maybe there’s a market for a platform designed specifically for journalists I like the industry-specific application of a consumer model, and I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with this – but this isn’t an example of We Media. It’s an example of a proprietary, production tool built for THE media – which could be a perfectly good business model, and would be an incremental step forward for journalists who choose to use it.

PledgeBank blog: The Mashup to End All Mashups

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Notes a mashup project at NetSquared – and winners get to pitch their projects at the NeSquared conference May 27, 2008.